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            Allstate Click Here 1.800.255.7828
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            Before 4:30pm  (517) 323-1200

            After 4:30pm    1-888-252-4626


            Click Here 1-888-362-2255
            1st Auto Click Here 1-(800) 261-2886
            Mutual of Wausau Click Here  1-800-624-4361 Ext 101
            IMT Click Here 1-(800) 274-3531
            DairyLand No Online Claims Service  1-800-334-0090
            Hastings Mutual Click Here 1-800-442-8277
            Safeco Click Here


            Secura Click Here 1-800-318-2136
            Unitrin Click Here Contact Agent
            Pella Click Here 1-877-868-2952

            If you experience any difficulities or would rather contact us directly, refer to the "Contact Us" page and make your choice accordingly.